Not sure if you need roof repairs? This FAQ are the most common questions that we receive.

The fastest and most accurate way to tell if you should need repairs to your roof is to call the experts at Torres-Boren Roofing, Inc. for a complete evaluation and estimate at (817) 202-0374.

I have a leak. Do I need repairs?


Leaks do not necessarily mean that there is severe damage, but if leaks persist you will need repairs.
My roof is sagging. Should I call a professional?

Yes! Call now!

Roof Sagging is caused by excessive water absorbtion. If severe, Roof Sagging can be very dangerous for any occupants of the building! This should be evaluated and repaired as soon as possible! Call now!
It looks like I have moss/algae growing on my roof. Is this a problem?


Because moss or lichens growing on a roof surface will hold moisture on the roof longer than other areas, these growths can reduce the life of the roof covering.Particularly where the roofing materials are asphalt shingles or wood shingles, holding water on the roof surface by any means (leaves, debris, moss, or lichens) speeds up wear on these shingles. Even in non-freezing climates, the roots or growth structures of moss or lichens eventually penetrate and separate the roof shingle materials, speeding their decay. Do not try to clean a roof with growth on it. The shingles are worn out and fragile. It will be impossible to clean the roof without damaging it. In severe cases, a new roof is needed. In our opinion, on any roof surface, brushing or raking should be done with great care to minimize damage to the shingles themselves. If the roof shingles are fragile, brittle, cracking, curled, the risk of serious damage to the roof during moss removal is much more likely. The roof may look cleaner, but its remaining life may be reduced by aggressive cleaning. This is best done by professional hands like the ones at Torres-Boren Roofing!
I have missing shingles, will my roof eventually leak?


Missing shingles must be corrected as soon as possible. Many times, missing shingles can be caused by improper installation/fastening, windy weather or other extreme weather and can often be individually replaced. But if left unattended, can lead to leaks, breaks, and undue strain on your roof.
My roof is 10 years old, should I replace it?

Not Necessarily

The typical roof is designed to last about 20 years, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. However, a roof's lifespan is affected by the slope of the roof, the material used to build the roof, and the weather conditions in your area. Maintenance, done professionally, can extend a roof's life five to 10 years. Similarly, a slate roof will last up to 75 years, whereas a roof made of asphalt-based materials could show significant signs of wear within 12 years.
I just went through a severe storm (tornado, hail, etc.), will I need repairs?

Very Likely!

Severe storms can wreak havoc on your roof! They can tear away shingles and create holes. Hail knocks the protective granules off the shingles exposing the mat beneath. Once the mat is exposed to the sun the shingle will rapidly start to degrade. You should have your roof evaluated immediately! Request a Quote now!


Does My Roof Need Repairs?